This Lovely Kitten With A One-Of-A-Kind And Endearing Face Is Looking For A Forever Home With A Caring Family

Kaya is a beautiful kitten with an endearing face that will melt the hearts of those who meet her. The kitten was born with a congenital facial deformity that gives her a gloomy appearance.

When Odelkis Barrera, the founder of The Ontario Rescue in the United States, saw a photo of Kaya’s face, she knew she had to assist the sweet kitty in her recovery.

In July, a caring individual saw Kaya abandoned to her destiny and decided to contact the rescue center for assistance. The 4-week-old cat was dehydrated and covered with fleas and ticks at the time. The small kitten swiftly gained weight under Odelkis’ care, and her endearing personality began to emerge.

Despite the challenges that the lovely cat has faced from its beginnings, she has remained interested, friendly, and lively.

On its Facebook page, the rescue center wrote:

“She’s not only the prettiest cat you’ve ever seen, but she’s also wonderfully nice. Everyone who meets her is smitten by her. He gets along swimmingly with his foster family, as well as the other cats and dogs.”

Kaya is always having fun with her favorite toy in the world, a plain cardboard box, while she is not with her adoptive parents. She may spend hours playing within her box, and it keeps her quite occupied.

Kaya is looking for a loving permanent home now that she has been in great health for a few months. Unfortunately, he had not received any adoption applications until today.

Kaya just had surgery to improve her vision and alleviate some eye irritation. And, despite her poor eyesight, she has learned to move quickly and can always detect when another dog, cat, or human is approaching, so she is always eager to play games and go on adventures with him.

The employees at the rescue facility are baffled as to why individuals would pass up the chance to adopt this adorable and unique kitty into their household.

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